Validate Voucher [Deprecated]



This endpoint represents the deprecated version of the API responsible for voucher validation, and we do not recommend using it. The new Stackable Discounts API introduces additional features and improvements while maintaining backward compatibility, including applying a combination of coupon codes and promotion tiers. Developers are encouraged to migrate to the latest version to take advantage of the latest enhancements and bug fixes. No updates will be provided to the deprecated endpoint.

To verify a voucher code given by a customer, you can use this method. It is designed for a server side integration, which means that is accessible only through private keys.



This endpoint supports the validation of a single promo code. If you need to validate more than one incentive, you can use the Stackable discounts API. The stacking discounts API lets you validate up to 5 incentives per call. Before integrating Voucherify, choose which validation endpoint you prefer to use.

Gift Vouchers - validate Gift Card and control amount to redeem

Voucherify also gives the possibility to create a gift card, which allows using credits to fulfill the order. A user can specify how many credits he wants to use from the gift card. The available balance of credits is counted based on policy rules attached to the Gift Voucher definition.

This operation returns information about the validity of the code. Moreover, it returns a hashed source identifier which can be used as a tracking ID in future calls.

If a validation session is established, then the session details will be returned as well. Read more about sessions here.

Voucher validation might fail because of one of these reasons:

  • voucher not found - voucher doesn't exist or was deleted
  • voucher expired - voucher is out of start date - expiration date time frame
  • voucher is disabled - learn more about a disabled voucher
  • customer does not match segment rules - learn more customer tracking
  • order does not match validation rules - learn more about validation rules
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