List Redemptions

Returns a list of redemptions you’ve previously created. The redemptions are returned in sorted order, with the most recent redemptions appearing first.

Returns a list of redemptions of all vouchers. The result can be narrowed according to specified (or default) filters, for example, you can sort redemptions by date:[created_at][before]=2017-09-08T13:52:18.227Z

Failed redemptions

A redemption may fail for various reasons. You can figure out an exact reason from failure_code:

  • resource_not_found - voucher with given code does not exist
  • voucher_not_active - voucher is not active yet (before start date)
  • voucher_expired - voucher has already expired (after expiration date)
  • voucher_disabled - voucher has been disabled (active: false)
  • quantity_exceeded - voucher's redemptions limit has been exceeded
  • gift_amount_exceeded - gift amount has been exceeded
  • customer_rules_violated - customer did not match to the segment
  • order_rules_violated - order did not match validation rules
  • invalid_order - order was specified incorrectly
  • invalid_amount - order amount was specified incorrectly
  • missing_amount - order amount was not specified
  • missing_order_items - order items was not specified
  • missing_customer - customer was not specified


A dictionary with a redemptions property that contains an array of up to limit redemptions, starting after created_at.after. Each entry in the array is a separate redemption object. If no more redemptions are available, the resulting array will be empty. If you provide a non-existent customer ID, this call returns an empty object.

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