Update Customers in bulk

Update several customers in one asynchronous operation.

In one request, it is possible to update a maximum of 100 records. In the response body, you get a unique async action identifier.

If a requested customer object is not found, then an upsert occurs. This is reflected in the Get Async Action endpoint as follows:

    "found": false,
    "updated": true

This API request starts a process that affects Voucherify data in bulk.

In case of small jobs (like bulk update) the request is put into a queue and processed once every other bulk request placed in the queue prior to this request is finished. However, when the job takes a longer time (like vouchers generation) then it is processed in small portions in a round-robin fashion. When there is a list of vouchers generation scheduled, then they will all have the IN_PROGRESS status shortly. This way, small jobs added just after scheduling big jobs of the same type will be processed in a short time window.

The result will return the async ID. You can verify the status of your request via this API request.

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