Examine Qualification [Deprecated]



This endpoint represents the deprecated version of the API responsible for qualification, and we do not recommend using it. The new Qualifications API introduces additional features and improvements while maintaining backward compatibility. Developers are encouraged to migrate to the latest version to take advantage of the latest enhancements and bug fixes. No updates will be provided to the deprecated endpoint.

The method can be used for sending a request to display all campaigns qualified to the given customer and context (e.g., order).

The maximum number of returned campaigns is 50.

What campaign types are included in the response?


What's excluded?

A checking logic will be run only among campaigns and will ignore standalone vouchers. For standalone vouchers, you should run a dedicated endpoint for searching and identifing vouchers.

Subsequent Steps

As a recommended subsequent step after selecting a qualified campaign is to publish a voucher code from that campaign. The API method for publishing will return a unique code which will belong to a given customer.

Sample use case

As a sample use case, you can imagine a requirement of displaying coupons (grouped in campaigns) that a customer is eligible to use. The customer should get assigned to the particular voucher from the campaign and then may redeem that particular code when he/she places an order.

Read about Qualification API limits before you start.

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