Get Metadata Schema

Retrieve metadata schema per resource type.

Resource types


You can retrieve metadata schemas for the standard metadata schema definitions listed below. Add one of these types as the resource path parameter.

  • campaign
  • customer
  • earning_rule
  • loyalty_tier
  • order
  • order_item
  • product
  • promotion_tier
  • publication
  • redemption
  • reward
  • voucher


There is an infinite number of possibilities for retrieving metadata schemas by the resource type because you can define custom metadata schemas. Provide one of the resource types that you have defined as a resource type. Read more.

Response schema

The response does not include unknown metadata properties in the response, i.e. those that have been defined outside of the Project Settings > Metadata Schema definitions. For example, an unknown metadata property can be defined in the campaign manger. Additionally, if you pass a non-existing resource name, you will receive a 404 response.

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