Create Publication

This method selects vouchers that are suitable for publication, adds a publish entry and returns the publication.

A voucher is suitable for publication when it's active and hasn't been published yet.


Limited access

Access to this endpoint is limited. This endpoint is designed for specific integrations and the API keys need to be configured to access this endpoint. Navigate to the DashboardProject SettingsGeneralIntegration Keys to set up a pair of API keys and use them to send the request.


Clearly define the source of the voucher

You must clearly define which source you want to publish the voucher code from. It can either be a code from a campaign or a specific voucher identified by a code.


Publish multiple vouchers

This endpoint does not support the publishing of multiple vouchers from a single campaign. In case you want to publish multiple vouchers within a single publication, you need to use a dedicated endpoint.


Auto-update campaign

In case you want to ensure the number of publishable codes increases automatically with the number of customers, you should use an auto-update campaign.

Example Request




Query param voucher OR campaign MUST be filled out. If you provide both, campaign param will be skipped.

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