Update Metadata Schema [Beta]

Updates a metadata schema.

With this request, you can:

  • Add a non-existing attribute definition to the metadata schema.
  • Update an existing attribute definition by overwriting its current values.

In the request, you can provide only those definitions you want to add or update. Definitions omitted in the request remain unchanged.

However, if you want to update a definition, you will have to add all its current key-value pairs as well. Only the pairs sent in the request are saved for this definition. This means that the key-value pairs that are not sent in a request are restored to default values. For example, if your definition has an array with values and it is not sent in an update request, the array values will be deleted.


Additional Notes

  • You cannot change the type of an existing schema, e.g. from "string" to "number".

  • You can remove a definition with this endpoint by providing "deleted": true in the request. It will be moved to the Removed definitions section in the user interface. However, you cannot permanently remove a definition with this endpoint.


Metadata Documentation

Read the Getting Started with Metadata and Metadata Mapping articles to learn how metadata work in Voucherify.

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