List Publications


Returns a list of publications you’ve previously created with create publication or implicitly by the distribution manager. The publications are returned in sorted order, with the most recent ones appearing first.



If you want to scroll through a huge set of records, it is recommended to use Exports API. This API will return an error page_over_limit if you reach a page above 1000.

filters query param allow for joining multiple parameters with logical operators. The syntax looks as follows:




Example 1 - list publications of a given customer

GET /v1/publications?filters[customer_id][conditions][$is][0]=cust_lUET6gRpO5Wxlg5p2j2gRCgL

Example 2 - list publications of 2 customers

GET /v1/publications?filters[customer_id][conditions][$in][0]=cust_lUET6gRpO5Wxlg5p2j2gRCgL&filters[customer_id][conditions][$in][1]=cust_aR7NfHusxT7PdTMAKMfWDXnc

or with the junction operator

GET /v1/publications?filters[customer_id][conditions][$is][0]=cust_lUET6gRpO5Wxlg5p2j2gRCgL&filters[customer_id][conditions][$is][1]=cust_aR7NfHusxT7PdTMAKMfWDXnc&filters[junction]=OR
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