Order Updated


The EVENTS.CUSTOMER.ORDER.UPDATED event indicates that a customer-related order has been updated.

When the event is used in an "Order update" distribution webhook, the data object always contains the following required objects:

  • customer,
  • referrer,
  • order,
  • redemption.

Additional objects are also sent depending on the purpose:

  • "Notify customers about promotion" sends also the following objects:
    • campaign,
    • promotion_tier,
  • "Send and publish unique codes from campaign" sends also the following objects:
    • campaign,
    • voucher,
    • publication,
  • "Send plain message to customers" sends only the basic objects listed above.


Webhook documentation

This page documents only the event. If you need more details about the webhook payload data that includes this event, go to Webhook v2024-01-01 page.

Example: customer.order.updated

  "order": {
    "id": "ord_tNridJhmcEOQXUqNyenX1Up6",
    "items": [
        "price": 2500,
        "amount": 5000,
        "object": "order_item",
        "product": {
          "name": "Star Thermal Bottle",
          "price": 2500
        "quantity": 2,
        "product_id": "prod_0df14b7e7d8975079d",
        "subtotal_amount": 5000
        "price": 0,
        "amount": 0,
        "object": "order_item",
        "product": {
          "name": "Shipping"
        "quantity": 1,
        "product_id": "prod_5h1pp1ng",
        "subtotal_amount": 0
    "amount": 5500,
    "object": "order",
    "status": "PAID",
    "customer": {
      "id": "cust_ufwK2qUNGDYxa1aji7XKzuHm",
      "object": "customer",
      "address": null,
      "loyalty": null,
      "summary": null,
      "referrals": null
    "metadata": {
      "card": [
      "region": "US",
      "currency": "USD"
    "source_id": null,
    "created_at": "2024-03-12T08:37:24.296Z",
    "updated_at": "2024-03-12T13:40:39.080Z",
    "customer_id": "cust_ufwK2qUNGDYxa1aji7XKzuHm",
    "referrer_id": null,
    "total_amount": 5500
  "customer": {
    "id": "cust_ufwK2qUNGDYxa1aji7XKzuHm",
    "name": "Alex Doe",
    "email": null,
    "object": "customer",
    "metadata": {},
    "source_id": "4l3x-d03"
  "referrer": null,
  "redemption": null
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