Import Vouchers

Import standalone vouchers and gift cards into the repository.


Important notes

  • Start and expiration dates need to be provided in compliance with the ISO 8601 norms. For example, 2020-03-11T09:00:00.000Z.
  • Custom code attributes (not supported by-default) need to be added as code metadata.
  • You cannot import the same codes to a single Voucherify Project.

Any parameters not provided in the payload will be left blank or null.

For both standalone discount vouchers and gift cards, you can import the following fields:

  • code
  • category
  • active
  • type
  • start_date
  • expiration_date
  • redemption.quantity
  • additional_info
  • metadata

For gift cards, you can also import the following field:

  • gift.amount

For discount vouchers, you can import the discount object. The object will slightly vary depending on the type of discount. Each discount type requires the type to be defined in the import.

Discount TypeRequired fields
Amountamount_off, effect
Percentpercent_off, effect
Fixedfixed_amount, effect
Unit - One itemunit_off, unit_type, effect
Unit - Multiple itemsunit_off, unit_type, effect
Shippingunit_off, unit_type, effect

Fields other than the ones listed above won't be imported. Even if provided, they will be silently skipped.

This API request starts a process that affects Voucherify data in bulk.

In case of small jobs (like bulk update) the request is put into a queue and processed once every other bulk request placed in the queue prior to this request is finished. However, when the job takes a longer time (like vouchers generation) then it is processed in small portions in a round-robin fashion. When there is a list of vouchers generation scheduled, then they will all have the IN_PROGRESS status shortly. This way, small jobs added just after scheduling big jobs of the same type will be processed in a short time window.

The result will return the async ID. You can verify the status of your request via this API request.

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