Create Orders Export

Creates a downloadable CSV file containing a list of orders.

The parameters listed in the payload resembles headers in the CSV file. To include a parameter to the file, add it to the parameters.fields object in the request body.

The available filters are all order object attributes. Additionally, any metadata defined in the metadata schema can be exported.

Passing an empty JSON will generate a file containing three default fields: id, source_id, and status.

The fields array is an array of strings containing the data in the export. These fields define the headers in the CSV file. The array can be a combination of any of the following available fields:

FieldDefinitionExample Export
idUnique order ID.ord_A69RIxEdRsPuC6i8gFGVHUft
source_idUnique order source ID.8638
created_atTimestamp in ISO 8601 format representing the date and time when the order was created.2022-03-09T09:16:32.521Z
updated_atTimestamp in ISO 8601 format representing the date and time when the order was last updated.2022-03-09T09:16:33.331Z
amountTotal amount of order items.7700
discount_amountRepresents total amount of the discount applied to whole cart.500
items_discount_amountRepresents total amount of the discount applied to order line items.100
total_discount_amountAll discounts applied to the order including discounts applied to particular order line items and discounts applied to the whole cart.600
total_amountTotal order amount after applying all discounts.7100
customer_idCustomer unique ID.cust_2G4fUQdCXUqp35nXNleav7bO
referrer_idReferrer unique ID.cust_IkrTR674vvQvr9a4rDMiqglY
metadataReturns all order metadata.Response will include all order metadata.
metadata.XWhere X is the name of a particular order metadata property.The returned value will depend on the type of data defined in the Dashboard > Project Settings > Metdata Schemas > Order.
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