The validation rule object


This entity stores the validation rules used to limit your promo campaigns.


You can configure Validation Rule to include your own custom error messages which are going to be returned from API upon validation / redemption failure. You can read more here.




id string


object string

Type of the object represented by JSON. Value is validation_rules.

name string

A name of validation rules

Redeemable once for New Customers

created_at string, ISO 8601 date format


updated_at string, ISO 8601 date format


rules object

A set of rules and logic applied between them

{ "1": { "name": "customer.segment", "conditions": { "$is": ["seg_n3vVcU5t0m3rs4rEPr3C1oU5"] } }, "2": { "name": "redemption.count.per_customer", "conditions": { "$less_than_or_equal": [1] } }, "logic": "1 and 2" }

error object

Error message that should be returned from API. You can read more here

{ "error": { "message": "You must be our new customer and have IPhone in shopping cart" }

  "id": "val_BHMuN4ZGUsjF",
  "created_at": "2016-09-05",
  "voucher_code": "8ZY60Wtw",
  "id": "val_s3C0nDru7e",
  "name": "Redeemable Once for new Customers",
  "rules": {
    "1": {
      "name": "customer.segment",
      "conditions": {
        "$is": ["seg_n3vVcU5t0m3rs4rEPr3C1oU5"]
    "2": {
      "name": "redemption.count.per_customer",
      "conditions": {
        "$less_than_or_equal": [1]
    "logic": "1 and 2"
  "object": "validation_rules"