The loyalty tiers object

This entity describes loyalty tiers (note: loyalty tiers are used to create a loyalty program with different levels of membership and varied earning rules and rewards based on customer’s tiers).

id stringA unique loyalty tier identifier.ltr_9dH5XeKKBCrxa7gMx8QtZuc3
name stringThe name of Tier.Test Tier 1
campaign_id stringA unique campaign identifier.camp_SuZb5HnjoksvxkZRrOnmpXvR
created_at string, ISO 8601 date formatDate of creation Loyalty Tier.2020-05-04T13:28:47.442Z
updated_at string, ISO 8601 date formatDate of update Loyalty Tier.2020-05-04T13:57:47.897Z
earning_rules stringId of earning rule in the loyalty program.ern_p6McdhUL4mPFuV7PE52QRkGr
rewards stringId of reward assignment in the loyalty program.rewa_q4bqVoA64qUXP2whbEQHNvYJ
points integerAn object that defines a range of points for a given tier.{ "from": 20, "to": 40 }
object stringType of the object represented by JSON.loyalty_tier
        "id": "ltr_9dH5XeKKBCrxa7gMx8QtZuc3",
        "name": "Test Tier 1",
        "campaign_id": "camp_SuZb5HnjoksvxkZRrOnmpXvR",
        "metadata": {},
        "created_at": "2020-05-04T13:28:47.442Z",
        "updated_at": null,
        "earning_rules": {
            "ern_p6McdhUL4mPFuV7PE52QRkGr": {
                "type": "MULTIPLY",
                "multiplier": 10
        "rewards": {
            "rewa_q4bqVoA64qUXP2whbEQHNvYJ": {
                "type": "CUSTOM",
                "points": 5
        "points": {
            "from": 0,
            "to": 40
        "segment_id": "seg_m6zGCZXvMLt7K4ZzhDB8ZLdG",
        "object": "loyalty_tier"