Import Vouchers using CSV

Method imports standalone vouchers to the repository.

curl -X POST \ \
  -F [email protected]/path/to/vouchers.csv \
  -H "X-App-Id: c70a6f00-cf91-4756-9df5-47628850002b" \
  -H "X-App-Token: 3266b9f8-e246-4f79-bdf0-833929b1380c"

The CSV file has to include headers in the first line. All properties which cannot be mapped to standard voucher fields will be added to the metadata object.


Standard voucher fields mapping

"Code", "Voucher Type", "Value", "Discount Type", "Category", "Start Date", "Expiration Date", "Redemption Limit", "Active", "Additional Info". Go to the import vouchers to see all standard CSV fields description (section body params).



In structure representing your data you can define a category voucher belongs to. You can use the category of a voucher to group and search by specific criteria.


Returns 202 HTTP status code on success. It informs that your request has been accepted and vouchers will be added to the repository asynchronously. To learn about operation status and result, copy the async action id from the API response and use Get Async Action endpoint.

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