Add Vouchers to Campaign

This method gives the possibility to push new vouchers to an existing campaign. New vouchers will inherit properties from the campaign profile. However, it is possible to overwrite some of them in the request body: metadata, additional_info, redemption.quantity, category, code_config. If you provide an optional code_config parameter with a voucher code configuration, then it will be used to generate new voucher codes. Otherwise, the voucher code configuration from the campaign will be used.


Returns a voucher object if the call succeeded for a voucher count of 1 and an async_action_id if the request was made to create more than 1 voucher.

The returned object will have information about discount type, and discount amount, and all other which you provided to overwrite the origin one from campaign definition.

For the asynchronous action response, it will return the async_action_id of the scheduled async action. It informs you that your request has been accepted and vouchers will be added to the repository asynchronously. To check the import status and result, copy async action id from the response and pass it to the Get Async Action endpoint.

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