To have full control and overview of promo codes and promotion tiers you should use campaigns. Because this is one of the must-use components, Voucherify offers several endpoints and attributes to help you integrate promo campaigns with your infrastructure.


Object definition

Campaign object reference

Bulk update

The update method allows you to change multiple vouchers or promotion tiers in a single request. The fields you can update in this mode: start_date, expiration_date, metadata, description, type.

Keep in mind that in the case of promo code campaigns the change will be propagated only to unpublished and unredeemed vouchers. You can still edit such a voucher directly.

Performance monitoring

If you use the list endpoint, you'll get the redemption count for all of your campaigns. You can additionally filter them out with campaign_type Possible options: DISCOUNT_COUPONS, PROMOTION, GIFT_VOUCHERS, REFERRAL_PROGRAM.

Promo code-based campaigns utils

Usually, voucher campaigns are created in the dashboard by marketers. But sometimes you might want to interact with them programmatically. Apart from standard CRUD methods, you can:

  • Extend campaigns with new codes according to campaign attributes.
  • Import vouchers to a campaign with JSON and CSV payloads.

Promotion tier-based campaigns utils

When it comes to auto-applied promotion discounts, you can use campaigns to stack multiple tiers together.