The validation rule assignment object

This object stores an assignment of a Validation Rules object with a Voucher, Campaign, or Promotion tier

id stringasgm_hXnKYgeW74BsDByc
object stringType of the object represented by JSON. Value is validation_rules_assignment.
rule_id stringA unique related validation rule identifierval_bXOKIS7bAMaG
created_at string, ISO 8601 date format2016-11-16T14:14:31Z
updated_at string, ISO 8601 date format2016-11-16T14:14:31Z
related_object_type stringA type of related object, possible values are: voucher, campaign or promotion_tierpromotion_tier
related_object_id `stringA identifier related object identifierpromo_40sT6Tde71wuiyuDOVOl8ezI
  "id": "asgm_hXnKYgeW74BsDByc",
  "rule_id": "val_bXOKIS7bAMaG",
  "related_object_id": "promo_40sT6Tde71wuiyuDOVOl8ezI",
  "related_object_type": "promotion_tier",
  "created_at": "2018-12-19T10:25:50Z",
  "updated_at": null,
  "object": "validation_rules_assignment"