Validation Session

The default validation/redemption mechanism always works in a transactional way, therefore the voucher's usage is registered permanently once redemption is successful. In case, the resource usage is needed to be recorded temporary right after the voucher is being validated the session mechanism will come in handy.

Once the session is established the session key is being returned. The key must be used with the following requests (another validation or redemption) to identify clearly the session. Multiple requests with the same key will always override existing session values.

The session can be released in one of the following ways:

  • expiration time passes
  • redemption is being registered for the session
  • manual release using a dedicated API endpoint (for vouchers only: Release Validation Session )


Session Key

To link request with the given session always use the same session key for session-related validation and redemption requests. You can use your own session key or system will generate one for you once session option is enabled with the request.


Validation and Redemption with Session

Registering a session will record a temporary usage for the specified timeframe. It means it will influence other incoming validation and redemption requests until the session is released.

Once redemption is successful there is no need to session exists as redemption transaction is recorder therefore the session will be removed automatically.

The following table presents the type of sessions that can be established.

Session Type



Locks the following parameters within the session:

  • redemption quantity by 1
  • redemption gift credits specified with the requests
  • redemption loyalty points specified with the request