Development Checklist

Learn what development steps you need to take to integrate with Voucherify

Voucherify offers a REST-based API and a web dashboard to create and manage promotional campaigns. Dedicated endpoints help you deliver personalized incentives to any channel, device, and e-commerce solution while keeping your data in secure and highly available environments. This is achieved with real-time data synchronization with CRM, product inventory, distribution channels, and other customer touchpoints.

What are the development steps to integrate with Voucherify?

  1. Authentication: get API keys to authorize Voucherify API requests.
  2. Integration processes: learn key Voucherify processes and steps on how your customer's journey works with Voucherify in different use cases.
  3. Data parsing: learn how to read and use the data returned by Voucherify's endpoints.
  4. Metadata mapping: learn about custom attributes (metadata) and their use in Voucherify.
  5. Data synchronization: learn which of your data can be synchronized with Voucherify, when the synchronization is required, and what benefits it brings.
  6. SDKs and API reference: choose your software development kit to integrate faster with Voucherify or use the Voucherify endpoints directly.
  7. Integration and connectors: connect Voucherify with your CMS, CRM, CDP, CEP, distribution, or other platforms.
  8. Webhooks: learn more about using and configuring webhook notifications.
  9. Limits: learn more about the limits connected with API calls, webhooks, and distributions.
  10. Fraud prevention mechanism: learn about fraud prevention mechanisms available in Voucherify.

What's next?

  • Explore the Voucherify Postman Collection to check API requests and responses.
  • Join Voucherify Community Slack to get help and inspiration.
  • Visit the Voucherify roadmap to find out what Voucherify developers are currently working on or suggest improvements and vote for features you want to see in the platform.
  • Contact Voucherify support if you have any further questions.