Distribute incentives through preferred channels



  • Identify which channels should be used for distribution.
  • Learn how Voucherify publication works.
  • Discover Voucherify integrations for messaging.



Connect Voucherify with your preferred communication channels.

Evaluate your customer journey and think of places and times the information about the deal should be displayed: website, product pages, emails, SMS, push, print, partners, or social media. Think of how you want to remind customers about the deals they’re eligible to use. Voucherify offers two distribution modes

  • Pull – you can use API to get promotions in front of customers (e.g., list all active coupons for John Doe).
  • Push – an integral distribution mechanism that you can use to define a trigger for the message send-out (e.g., if John Doe signs up for a newsletter, send him a 10% off promo code).

Both push and pull modes can be used with third party platforms:



Publication means incentive assignment. Typically, a publication is performed by sharing codes with customers via Publication API.