Campaign Reporting

Gain insights into campaigns with reports



  • Identify key metrics of promotion effectiveness.
  • Learn Voucherify API and Dashboard reporting capabilities.



Connect Voucherify to external BI tools or prepare reports using built-in campaign analytics.

Voucherify offers a variety of tools to keep you informed about campaign performance, ROI, budget spent, and API usage – real-time and within a specific period. The tracking covers aggregate data and the ability to browse through single events. Voucherify also provides a global perspective, showing the overall performance of all campaigns within a project.

  • Redemption tracking – analyze when redemptions fail and why.
  • Campaign performance – each campaign type has a predefined set of relevant analytics.
  • 360-degree customer profile view – personal details, order summary, events, promotions, and loyalty activities.
  • Audit logs – for debugging system integrations.
  • API usage logs – clear overview of your hourly and monthly API usage with the possibility to set up automatic notifications once you are close to reaching your plan limits.

If you want to add campaign insights to your BI tool, there are several handy features:

  • Dedicated API endpoints (including bulk operations).
  • Webhooks.
  • Async CSV export.
  • Event streaming (Kafka).
  • Customer Data Platform integrations.