See the pricing page to learn about the basic limits.


What happens if you exceed your limits?

If you exceed redemption limits defined by a particular pricing plan, we'll let your requests in and send you a friendly reminder about the upgrade. However, if you exceed the limits for several weeks, we may take corrective action, including throttling the API, temporarily suspending or terminating your account.


API calls limit

Note that you can't exceed the number of API calls defined in your pricing plan. Exceeding the limit will block your access to the API immediately.

API limits



API requests per hour

Free plan: 100,
Startup plan: 1000,
Growth plan: 2000,
Professional plan: 5000

Bulk API requests per hour

Free plan: 1,
Startup plan: 10,
Growth plan: 20,
Professional plan: 50

Billing cycle API requests per hour

Bulk API requests are not added to the billing cycle limit.

Free plan: 1000,
Startup plan: 100000,
Growth plan: 200000,
Professional plan: 300000

Client-side requests (e.g., validate) from a single IP address

5 requests per 5 seconds

Enterprise plan

Companies with an Enterprise plan have custom API requests limits. Depending on the case, it can be counted per hour or per minute. Bulk API requests are counted in hour periods in both cases.


Webhook calls coming from integrations are counted in separate daily buckets.
The size of the daily bucket is derived from the API request limit. For instance, the Startup plan bucket size is 24000.

Webhook calls are gathered in a queue, so their number per hour can exceed the API hourly limit, and they will still be processed. However, if their number exceeds the daily limit, they will get rejected.

Response headers

Each API response coming from the Voucherify platform has a couple of headers informing about the current status of the API limits.
These headers are:

  • X-Rate-Limit-Limit - maximum API requests that can be made in a period (an hour or a minute)
  • X-Rate-Limit-Remaining - number of API requests that can still be made in a current period
  • X-Rate-Limit-Retry - the time when the next API request can be made, in Unix epoch format (in seconds)
  • Retry-After - (optional) number of seconds left before the next API request can be made, shown after a limit is reached
  • X-Rate-Limit-Type - (optional) type of API limit that was reached, possible values: api_calls / bulk_api_calls / api_calls_cycle / webhook_calls


Voucherify will send an email with the notification whenever the number of API calls reaches a safety threshold.
The project owner can configure these thresholds and notifications in the Project settings > API Usage tab.

Notifications for webhooks usage will be sent if the usage exceeds the limit for an hour, even though they are counted in daily periods. It is a measure to inform you in advance about any suspicious user activity.


Each dashboard user has a separate API requests limit. Its value is the same as the API requests limit.
It's counted in hourly periods for all users (users with self-service and Enterprise subscriptions).

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