Multi-Brand Management And Internationalization

Campaign management across many brands and countries



  • Understand how Voucherify supports multiple brands and locations through projects.



Ability to set up separate projects for different locations, currencies, brands, or development phases.

Voucherify supports different approaches to campaign management. You can use multiple projects to map different contexts or a shared project by using categories, labels, promo code prefixes, or custom fields to differentiate campaigns. Learn how projects can be used to isolate business context and its impact on maintenance and reporting:

  • Currency and timezone.
  • Users and user roles.
  • Email settings and marketing consents.
  • Metadata schema.
  • Categories.
  • API keys, usage & webhooks.


Voucherify Management API

Voucherify Management API, available as an Enterprise feature, enables you to manage projects via API. For instance, you can set up new projects under a specific configuration fully programmatically. You can conveniently list projects, retrieve specific project details, update, or delete projects and different project settings as needed.