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Get Started

Get your library


npm install voucherify


Grab the SDK via Maven:


or via Gradle:

compile 'pl.rspective.voucherify.client:voucherify-java-sdk:2.4.0'


gem install voucherify


Include Voucherify PHP SDK (rspective/voucherify) in your PHP composer.json file as required module i.e:

"require": { "rspective/voucherify": "dev-master" }

You can check available versions at Packagist.


pip install voucherify


Client Side Library

Install-Package Voucherify.Client

Server Side Library

Install-Package Voucherify

Or simple use libraries from lib/{target-framework} folder.


From CDN:


Using Gradle:

dependencies {
    compile ''

Using Maven:


NOTE: The SDK requires at least Java 6 or Android 2.3.3 (API 10)

iOS (Swift)

Using CocoaPods simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "VoucherifySwiftSdk"

NOTE: The SDK requires Swift 2.2 and therefore Xcode 7.3

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