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API Endpoints

Voucherify is shipped from shared clusters placed on major continents, as well as from dedicated clusters for enterprise customers.

If you want to get the best performance from the Voucherify, it is advised to create a project in the region (cluster) closest to your customers.

When creating the project you can choose where it should be located. It is possible to have projects located in different regions within one organization.

If your project is not created in Europe, as well as when your organization has a dedicated cluster, you must configure your application to use appropriate API Endpoint. Otherwise, your HTTP requests will be rejected.

The default API endpoint for the shared cluster in Europe is Other API endpoints are created by the following pattern:

Shared clusters

Shared Cluster


Europe (default)

United States

Asia (Singapore)


Each SDK provided by Voucherify has a method to override the default API endpoint:

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API Endpoints

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