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Platform overview

Voucherify is an API-first Promotions and Loyalty Engine that helps brands run personalized coupons, gift cards, auto-applied promotions, loyalty programs, and referral campaigns.

Voucherify gives you access to a collection of promotion & loyalty REST API endpoints and a visual Dashboard.

Every integration is unique – however, at its core, the integration of Voucherify with your system relies on passing relevant context to Voucherify API, which validates and redeems incentives and rewards in accordance with the rules you set up with the Rules Engine.

As a MACH-certified vendor, Voucherify follows the principles of composability, giving you flexibility and decreasing the time needed for integration.

How Voucherify works with your system and our rules engine

Who uses Voucherify and why?

Voucherify can be successfully adopted across industries in B2C and B2B contexts – from e-commerce to travel and mobile on-demand services.

Leveraging targeted promotions at every stage of the customer lifecycle can help you maximize engagement. This way, you can acquire customers through social media promotion, convert them with a welcome offer, grow them as customers via referrals, and ultimately, build better retention tactics with smart loyalty campaigns and re-engage them with incentives tailored to their profiles. This is the perfect scenario that each brand should aspire to achieve. But to get there, you need proper technology.

Promotion lifecycle

Retail – e-commerce and POS

Voucherify is perfect for e-commerce brands transitioning to MACH and building a standard tech stack for their brands. We work great with commercetools and other MACH tools when it comes to scaling across multiple countries/brands, including integrating various business models (DTC, B2B, marketplace).

Voucherify enhances store capabilities with advanced promotions, crucial for revenue. At the same time, Voucherify opens the door to loyalty and referral programs without the need to integrate any additional platform.


Customer story – Breville

See how Breville integrated Voucherify with commercetools.

On-demand services

Whether it’s fin-tech, ed-tech, mobility, or anything else, Voucherify is a driving force for customer engagement (especially in the context of recent changes in ad tracking). With a flexible data model and integrations with leading CDP and CRM platforms, mobile apps can make the most of the collected data in minimal time.


Customer story – Taxfix

See how Taxfix doubles referrals with Voucherify.

Software vendors

Voucherify APIs can be effectively integrated into other software tools to drastically enhance the offer of technology vendors. Voucherify has already been successfully incorporated into mobility technologies, booking services, and e-commerce and marketplace engines.


Customer story – Grinta

See how Grinta boosts AOV by 20% with Voucherify.

What problems does Voucherify solve?

  • Integrating promotions with external tools and dynamic customer touchpoints.
  • Paying too much for promotion maintenance and real-time monitoring of all digital offers.
  • Generating unsatisfactory ROI with cookie-cutter offers, low-key loyalty programs, and promotional fraud.
  • Continuously mediating between marketing and development teams' priorities.
  • Writing extra code to keep multiple promotion and loyalty platforms in sync across applications, brands, and teams.
  • Struggling to build branded customer-facing UIs using legacy and monolithic services.
  • Failing to effectively manage traffic spikes and priority changes.