Team Management

Managing your team in Voucherify



  • Identify how you want to structure teams working with Voucherify.
  • Think of roles and permissions necessary to manage campaigns.
  • Learn more about user management and approval workflows.



Invite team members with specific roles and set up approval workflows to keep your campaigns safe.

User management starts with mapping how various departments, such as marketing, customer support, and engineering, can collaborate to create and maintain Voucherify campaigns. To restrict access to campaigns, Voucherify provides four layers of protection:

  • Default and custom user roles – Admin, User, Viewer, Merchant, and Custom with fine-grained rights.
  • Approval workflows – requesting campaign approval with email and in-app notifications.
  • Separate API keys – each user can have separate API keys. You can also add separate API keys per integration.
  • Account security – MFA and SAML.


Access and users

Each project can have separate access options. Voucherify also does not limit the number of users within the account.

team management


Management API

Voucherify Management API, available as an Enterprise feature, enables you to assign or unassign users across multiple projects. You can conveniently list users, retrieve specific user details within a project, or update user roles as needed.