Data Volume Estimation

Estimate data volume used with Voucherify



  • Understand what API endpoints will be used to map your scenarios.
  • Estimate how many customers will be included in promotions and how often their data should be synced with Voucherify.
  • Think of what it takes to migrate promotions from your current system.



API usage forecast, including monthly and hourly API calls number and a Voucheify deployment plan.

Voucherify works in a pay-as-you-grow pricing model – the higher API usage, the higher the bill. If you want to estimate the TOC in the long run, you might want to calculate API usage with assumptions about your growth.

Initial data migration might be an API-heavy operation. To reduce the impact on pricing, Voucherify provides bulk API endpoints.

Depending on your data volume and/or security policies, your account might require additional activities from the Voucherify team. One of them is setting up a dedicated cluster near your customers. This might impact the pricing significantly, so please remember to provide this information to your Technical Integration Manager.


API usage and availability

Besides API usage, you should define your minimum availability requirements. These will be included in a custom SLA.
Check system status for historical performance