Here are some exemplary integrations and third-party guides for you to learn more about Voucherify.

Sample workflows

Sample integrations build by our team

🧑‍💻Voucherify integrated with the checkout view

Hot Beans

🧑‍💻 Voucherify x commercetools integration based on Sunrise SPA (Vue.js) frontend — Github


Postman test cases

The list of API requests examples, it covers simple calls and more complex promo scenarios.

Run in Postman

To run it on your account, you should provide your sandbox application keys in the environment and enable client-side operations in Project Settings (remember to whitelist the requests with * in the client-side settings section).

Postman Environment


To manage promotional activities on the frontend, consider using Voucherify open source web SDK – JS. Here is a couple of examples demonstrating its capabilities:

Voucherify JS

Figma Promo UI Kits

Looking for ready designs for the best promotions experience in your e-commerce store? Check out our 100% customizable UI kit with ready-to-use components based on the best practices for usability: