Export Gift Card Transactions

Export transactions that are associated with credit movements on a gift card.

FieldDefinitionExample Export
idUnique transaction ID.vtx_0cb7811f1c07765800
typeTransaction type.- CREDITS_REMOVAL
source_idUnique transaction source ID.8638
reasonContains the reason for the transaction if one was included originally.
balanceThe gift card balance after the transaction.
amountThe amount of gift card credits being allocated during the transaction. This value can either be negative or positive depending on the nature of the transaction.
created_atTimestamp in ISO 8601 format representing the date and time when the transaction was created.2022-03-09T09:16:32.521Z
voucher_idUnique Voucher ID.v_dky7ksKfPX50Wb2Bxvcoeb1xT20b6tcp
campaign_idParent campaign ID.camp_FNYR4jhqZBM9xTptxDGgeNBV
sourceChannel through which the transaction was initiated.API
detailsMore detailed information stored in the form of a JSON.Provides more details related to the transaction in the form of an object.
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