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How to integrate Voucherify on the client-side?

Sometimes it's important to validate a promo code or promotion on the client-side, e.g., you want to calculate and display a discounted price on the fly. That's why Voucherify comes with Voucherify.js – an open-source JavaScript library which enables you to query the API.

Besides validation, Voucherify.js offers three other features:

  • publish widget which enables your customers to get a unique voucher from a given campaign in exchange for providing an email address.
  • subscribe widget which adds a customer to Voucherify. You can then use one of the automatic delivery channels to send him/her a coupon.
  • listing coupons from a given campaign.



Go to Examples and play around with Voucherify.js widgets.

Installation & reference

Visit Github repo to get the up-to-date documentation.


Domain white list

To use voucherify.js, you have to white-list your domain in the Client-side Settings.


Enable client-side features

You have to activate particular client-side options in the Project Settings.

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