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We equipped Voucherify with lightweight tools that help you track vouchers redemptions. This comes in handy when handling related customer issues or comparing marketing channels performance.

Failed redemptions

Let's imagine such a scenario. Your customer service team complains about failed redemptions. You can find the issue quickly by visiting Redemptions view. Now you can clearly see that one of redemption failed and the last column presents the reason behind.

Redemptions historyRedemptions history

Redemptions history

You can quickly filter out all that failed recently according to the reason.


You can learn more about failed statuses here.

Redemptions FilterRedemptions Filter

Redemptions Filter

All redemptions of a particular voucher

Other scenario is that you want to get all redemptions of a particular code, to do so just go to its details and select the REDEMPTIONS HISTORY tab. The list presents all redemption actions ordered chronologically. This view gives you the information about the customer that performed the action (given that you've used customer tracking feature).

Detailed logs

If for some reason, you require more information about the history of the voucher, you might want to visit LOGS tab. This allows you to filter and investigate every API call related to the selected voucher.

On top of basic information such as: HTTP method, URL, Channel and Date you can tap into low-level request details:

  • Request body
  • Response body
  • IP address
  • Request origin
  • User agent
log detailslog details

log details

List redemptions programmatically

You can also retrieve all redemptions through API using list redemptions endpoint.



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