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Export to MailChimp

Send coupon codes straight from MailChimp

This integration enables you to attach codes to MailChimp campaigns through merge fields.

The case of QR codes is avaliable with Plus Plan only

How it works

  • Create a campaign big enough to fill a given MailChimp list with promo codes
  • Use export tool to select a list and define the merge field name
  • Voucherify starts the process of publishing a text and a QR code from your campaign and assigning them to the merge field for each member of the selected list
  • When the process finishes, you can use the merge field in any MailChimp campaign template
    and send exported text and QR codes to customers from the chosen campaign.
  • For each code exported to MailChimp, Voucherify leaves a footprint in the publish details section


Before you start, make sure you have a valid MailChimp account (Voucherify works with the free plan too). Then, you need to authorize Voucherify to access your MC data. This can be done in the Integrations see the picture tutorial below

1. Voucherify <> MailChimp connection

This integration enables you to attach codes to MailChimp campaigns through merge fields.

Go to Integrations view and click CONNECT. Then, provide your credentials in the following popup

After a successful connection, you should see the image below


You can revoke access with Disconnect in Voucherify or with Authorized applications (Account -> Extras -> API Keys) in MailChimp

2. Create campaign

The first step is to create a campaign that will feed all members with coupon codes. The size of the campaign (Vouchers count field) has to be greater or equal to the members count. Otherwise, some of members won't get their code.

In case of dynamically changing number of list members choose the auto-update option. Thanks to that Voucherify will automatically generate vouchers if amount of members is greater than the number of coupons.

3. Run export tool

Select one of MailChimp lists and provide a merge field label. By confirming it with EXPORT TO MAILCHIMP you'll start the process of codes assignment. It may take a while if your list is large.

*Note: Voucherify will automatically send QR codes to MailChimp next to the regular codes, so you don't have to export them separately.


  • The codes will be assigned only to these members whose the given Merge Field label is empty

  • You can export at most 100 codes in a single request. In case you need better automation, contact us via the live chat to get an offer

4. Access coupon codes in MailChimp

When the process is ready, you can go to the user details to see your merge field filled with a text and QR code from the campaign. QR is visible below the text code

You can use it in any MailChimp campaign. Below, you can see how to do it step by step

5. Create campaign in MailChimp and share codes

This part of tutorial shows how to share exported codes via MailChimp.

  1. Let's start with creating campaign in MailChimp
  1. In the next step, choose the list of customers with codes previuosly assigned to its members
  1. In the 3rd stage, you can define campaign details
  1. Now you need to select a template and create a message with a coupon code inside.

First, put all informations you want to share with receivers. Second, in the place you want to place the coupon code, select a coupon tag from Merge Tags list. In case you want to include QR code as well, choose 2nd tag. The merge tag with QR code has the same label as text code but ends with _qr

  1. Review the feedback box before sending your campaign. When you're ready, confirm the campaign with Send. Your coupons will be delivered to customers shortly.

Congrats! Emails have been sent and customers can enjoy their coupons. Below, you can see how the template from our tutorial looks in the customer inbox.

*To get more information about creating campaign you can also watch the tutorial on MailChimp

6. Seeking more details?

Additionally, Voucherify stores information about the codes that have been exported to MailChimp along with respective customer identifier and date.

When you visit the customer details, you can list all the coupons he has been assigned to


We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Search our site for more information or contact us through the live chat.

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Export to MailChimp

Send coupon codes straight from MailChimp

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