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Bulk unique codes

How to create your first unique codes Campaign with Dashboard



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In order to get started with Voucherify, you need an account. You can get one here (e-mail confirmation required).

New campaign

In the first step go to Vouchers view. Your list is empty now, so let's create the first Campaign. Run a campaign wizard with the Plus icon.

The very first thing is to determine the type of campaign you want to create. Either you want to create a fixed code voucher or a bulk of unique one-off codes. In this tutorial we're going to create a campaign of unique vouchers.

The second step is to choose a discount type. You have 2 options available. In this example, we'll go for discount voucher. You can learn about other options here.

In this section you can additionally set the basic parameters for your discount. You can choose one of 3 Discount Types:

  • Amount enables dollar value discount e.g. $10
  • Percentage enables percentage based discount e.g. 50% off
  • Unit enables specific unit based discount e.g. 1 hour off

The next step is to define campaign details:

  • Name - a unique name that describes the campaign,
  • Code prefix - a prefix each voucher generated within this campaign starts with,
  • Vouchers count - a number of vouchers generated within this campaign (see limits).

The 3rd step is to set time boundaries and control the number of redemptions. This is an optional step and the defaults are as follows:

  • there's no expiration date
  • each code can be redeemed once

In this stage, you can use also validation rules ) to define your own properties and run campaigns with codes valid only for some predefined buying scenarios. Launch product-specific campaigns, limit redemptions to a particular customer group or built any rule you have on mind.
Learn more about validation rules here

Use the last section to pass any additional information as metadata. They can be later retrieved within Get Voucher or Redeem Voucher request. Add a value and submit. That's it!

Once you submit, your form codes generation will run. It may take a while if the number of unique codes is large. When it's done, you will be notified and the Campaign will appear in the Vouchers view.

Campaigns overview

The Vouchers tab also provides a bird's eye view of your all campaigns. You can use multiple filters to list codes you're interested in.

Let's say we want to display all codes from the campaign we've just created. To do so, just select the name the campaign in the first filter. Then, if you want to go to the campaign details page, click on a campaign button in a respective row (marked in red in the picture).

Besides a complete information about the campaign, the Campaign view makes it easy to track and manage every single code within this campaign. Visit VOUCHERS and REDEMPTION HISTORY tabs to learn more (see picture below).

CSV export

When you integrate Voucherify API with your backend system, you can start distributing vouchers by downloading a CSV file that includes all promo codes from a given Campaign. Download a file with Export to CSV option from the toolbar and use your favourite channel to push them out to your customers. This is it!


Learn more

For the detailed tutorial with downloading CSV go here


We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Search our site for more information or contact us through the live chat.

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Bulk unique codes

How to create your first unique codes Campaign with Dashboard

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